About Us

Grossdale Vocational Institute is incorporated to implement excellence in the delivery of vocational qualifications, including Apprenticeships, NVQs and QCFs. We work in partnership with businesses and employers to facilitate and maintain a competent workforce both nationally and internationally.

Mission Statement:

  • Excellence, through a commitment to delivering the highest standards in teaching, assessing and learning in order to provide a dynamic and stimulating programme for students and staff and to maximise their social and economic contribution to their employers, clients and their societies.
  • Enhance the quality of the learners’ experience and maintain our top employability record.
  • Increase our international impact
  • Honesty and openness. We operate with integrity, trust and respect for each other and we deliver on our promises. We share ideas, information and challenges and we seek out views and opinions.

Our vision

Grossdale Vocational Institute is committed to being a leading national and international Training Provider. Our high-quality teaching, assessment, learning, and enterprise, will be delivered in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner, providing our learners with skills that allow them to maximise their potential.

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